Salt & Saline Tattoo Removal

The technique used within tattoo removal is an osmosis and equalization process in which a highly concentrated salt solution is introduced into the
unwanted pigmented area. The body contains lower quantities of salt and water, so in response will rise into the area containing the high quantities (to equalise) and literally force pigment from the lower layers upwards by osmotic pressure. Unwanted pigment is brought to the surface and is shed in a thin scab that forms over the treatment site. This scab must be kept dry until it falls off to allow best removal and no unwanted scarring beyond that of the wound healing.

The saline tattoo removal technique can be used on any colour of pigment, and there is no risk of unwanted tattoo pigment turning black or getting stuck in the scar tissue as there is with laser removal.

Usually clients will notice a lightening after the 2nd or 3rd session. To fully remove the tattoo, the total number of sessions can range from 6-10. The more pigment that there is in the tattoo, the more sessions will be required to remove it safely and without causing scarring or loss of hair.

Many clients begin with 4 sessions of removal, then decide once sufficient colour has been removed to have the remaining tattoo reworked.

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